Cloud Hosting is the Future!

Unless you have been literally living ON a cloud for the last year, you will have heard one word mentioned a lot lately, in both the business world as well as the tech community.  That word is of course “cloud”.  There is cloud computing, cloud storage and cloud hosting.

Just see the meteoric rise in the interest in everything cloud at Google Trends.

Cloud hosting has quickly evolved from a futuristic technology into a commercially viable alternative for companies looking for a cost-effective hosting, storage and server solution. It is estimated that by 2014, 90 percent of the worlds biggest companies will use cloud hosting services.

While cloud hosting technology still has some minor concerns for companies  (such as with privacy and security), the numerous advantages and undeniable benefits far outweigh them:-

  • Reduced Costs – because cloud solutions are scaleable on demand, saving organizations money.
  • Increased Storage –  more data can be stored via cloud than on private computer systems
  • Scaleability & Flexibility – cloud services offer much more flexibility than past computing methods
  • Reliable Management by Skilled Technicians – cloud hosting providers offer reliable service and have skilled practitioners running huge datacenters with vast amounts of storage and computing capacity.  They know what they are doing and their business hangs on their reputation as 100% reliable.
  • Accessibility & Mobility – staff can access services, stored data and information anywhere, so no need to be in the office.Highly Automated – updates and maintenance can be provided by the cloud service providers so internal IT staff need not work to keep software up to date
  • IT can focus on more important things – maintenance, security, server updates and other IT issues can all be taken care of by the cloud providers, so organizations can concentrate on bigger issues.
  • Ease of Implementation – no need to purchase hardware, software or implementation services, cloud-hosting can be up and running in no time — and at a fraction of the cost of most onsite solutions