Best WordPress Hosting UK

Before you can run your own WordPress website, you need a host. Choosing the right web hosting provider and package is vital if you want to run a quality website and avoid  problems further down the line.

Decisions you need to make when choosing a host…

What kind of server? Windows or Linux?   Shared server, dedicated server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) or VPS Cloud?

Which Web Hosting Control Panel – cPanel/WHM, Plesk or DirectAdmin? (search Google for “wordpress cpanel vs plesk vs directadmin”)

How much power will your website need? How much hard disk, bandwidth, RAM, processing power, etc?

Expandability –  could the requirements of your site change in future?


Things you need to consider

You must be sure you make the right choices to establish the best host to suit your requirements…

  • Is your site small or large?
  • Do you want to set up one website or multiple sites?
  • Which of the following are important to you… SEO ? Good support? Fast site speeds? Quick page loading times?  Reliability? High quality of service? Flexibility and expandability?
  • How important are these things to you and are you willing to pay extra? Or are you on a tight budget and willing to slightly sacrifice some of these to keep the costs down?


My recommendations for the best UK-based WordPress web hosting

Having tried many different hosts myself and done a huge amount of research, I can wholeheartedly recommend the following providers. If you site is mainly for a UK audience, it is strongly recommended you use a host based in the UK, and most importantly, with their servers in the UK (ideally in the midlands or the south east).

For small websites – I recommend shared hosting with EvoHosting, Heart Internet, eUKhost or Pixel Internet

For multiple small websites (with low to moderate traffic) – I recommend multiple-domain shared hosting accounts with EvoHosting and eUKhost.  EvoHosting especially, have outstanding support!

For large websites (single and multiple domains with potentially high traffic volumes) – I recommend VPS Cloud hosting with CloudNext or SwitchLink

For very large corporate sites – I also recommend cloud VPS hosting from CloudNext.  In some cases, dedicated servers are still a good option, but generally speaking cloud hosting offers so many advantages even for huge corporate giants, in terms of on-demand expandability, that dedicated servers can rarely match them.


Cloud Hosting is the Future

Read more about cloud hosting here and why it is taking over the world