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These 120+ websites (left) are all available for you to rent!


  • Get the perfect plumbing website

  • Dominate Google overnight

  • Get a Google maps listing for FREE!

You have a plumbing business in one of these areas – do you want to rent one of these sites from me?   If you are not prominent enough in Google, then you need this website. If your business is not seen high on Google, you may as well be invisible.  Business experts predict that any business not online will be extinct in 3 -5 years – don’t let it be yours.


Even if you already have a great website…

This extra site will only enhance your online presence and bring you more business from the internet. If you don’t already have a site, this is the perfect solution for you!  At the moment Google estimates approximately thousands of targeted enquiries a month are being made using plumbing search terms for local areas – see these stats for yourself using the Google Search Keyword Tool ( – just type in your town and the terms “plumbing”, “plumbers” or “plumber”, to see the volume of searches Google receives for those search terms each month.

Many of my sites already rank at position 1 in Yahoo and in the top few positions in Google for these searches and you can potentially promote your business to all these new enquiries each month from customers who are actually looking for plumbers in your area.  As well as setting up this site to promote your business and listing your phone numbers, I can send you enquiries from the online “Call me back” form direct to your mobile by text, instantly!  Get ahead of your competitors – get above them in Google!

Benefits and How Our Website Rental Program Works:

You rent the site on a month by month basis. I simply modify the website with your contact information and if you want, with images of your business or services. The site will then send you all the referrals either to your contact details or to your own website if you have one. Simples!

Bid today! I am looking to rent or sell this site asap, so please let me know if you are interested and what you would like to bid for the site. Prices start at just £5/mo, depending on how competitive your area is. Don’t worry that I will only accept high bids – there is a real chance you are be the only person bidding, so get an incredible bargain – strike it lucky and get a website worth £1000 for just £5/month!

Bidding is easy – just text me your bid, as a monthly figure, along with your name, your business name, location, any other details you wish to include about your business, what you would like from the site and any questions you may have.

I will not only customise the site to your business, add your contact details and logo if you have one, but also sort you out with a free listing on Google maps, which would normally cost up to £150 if you were paying an online marketing company to do this for you.

Benefits Summary

  • Low cost – from just £5 per month
  • No hidden charges
  • No setup fees
  • No additional web hosting costs
  • No charges for changes to website
  • No termination charges
  • No long term contracts – easy in, easy out.  I just ask that you give a month’s notice if you no longer wish to rent the website.

Just a simple monthly charge, via a PayPal subscription

(the most trusted and most popular online payment method in the world.)

How it works

The website gets customised to promote YOUR BUSINESS: your phone numbers, your services, your photos (or I supply).  I include many useful features for FREE, that most websites leave out. This greatly improves the amount of potential customers that actually contact you, rather than your competitors.

These features include…

  • plumbing services page already built
  • plumbing supplies page already built
  • online forms and instant call back
  • search engine friendly “metatags” to tell Google how best to promote the site
  • standard legal pages to reassure potential customers of a quality site (and a quality business)
  • top design with interactive image slideshow
  • links to relevant plumbing organisations

and much more… just take a look around the site and see for yourself!

Even more benefits…

  • This website will continue to be further Search Engine Optimised for FREE – this gets it higher on Google and keeps it there, so when potential customers search for plumbers in your town and many other plumbing-related search phrases – you will appear for all those searches and get more plumbing jobs as a result!
  • I handle the day to day management of the website & technical issues, so you don’t have to
  • I sort you out with a FREE business listing on Google maps
  • You get a high quality web design worth over £1000* for FREE! That’s what it’d cost if you hired a graphic designer and web developer to put together the site design from scratch.
  • This website will be customised for you within hours of you supplying the necessary information – I help you with this process.
  • You are the expert at plumbing, I am the expert at marketing – you benefit from my knowledge with free advice on other aspects of getting more customers.
  • Getting more business from the internet will enable you to grow your business and reduce your expensive, Yellow Pages & other directory, advertising and marketing costs.  Fewer and fewer people are using the big directories and local newspapers — now they just ‘Google’ it!  (just see the YouTube video “Google vs Yellow Pages”!)
  • Over time, I will add additional web pages on the site and across the internet that promote this website so you get more customers. I will also add extra functionality and content into the site to improve it over time.
  • Additional marketing services are available if you want them. I can set up advertising on Google Adwords (invaluable at times when you want more work quickly) and expand the site to promote more services or to a wider area.
  • Your area isn’t covered? No problem – I would love to sort you out with a great website for your location and your type of business. To see our selection of plumbing sites available acrosss the UK, see and to see our other web design and online marketing services please see


You can be a ‘sole trader’ or a larger company.  You do need to provide a good service to your customers as I have no wish to work with ‘cowboy’ firms! Please note that rental prices vary according to your industry, location, requirements and how competitive these are in Google and the other search engines.

Do contact me here via my mobile, my contact details or using the contact form, to find out more.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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