SEO and Multisite Development

I am an expert in SEO and setting up WordPress Multisite networks to promote businesses across different services, niches or locations.  For building a network of microsites, minisites or fully fledged websites, WordPress is the ultimate platform to use.  I automate much of the work plugging in the keywords you want to focus on, randomising content where appropriate and using automatic content creation via RSS feeds.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method of analysing, constructing and promoting your website so it appears as prominently as possible in search engines such as Google.  SEO means making the content, structure and design of your website as relevant and attractive as possible to search engines and to the algorithms used by their crawling and indexing software to assess the quality and relevance of your site to certain keywords.


Why is SEO important to you?

That depends on whether you want your website to help you increase your profits and grow your business. If you do, then SEO is not only essential, but arguably the most cost effective way to increase your online sales…

Conducting effective SEO…

  • means higher RANKINGS…
  • means more TRAFFIC…
  • which, with higher CONVERSIONS…
  • means more SALES…
  • means more REVENUE…
  • means higher PROFITS!

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Microsites and Minisites – An Overview

Building microsites (or “minisites“) is an online marketing strategy where multiple websites are created with domain names targeting specific keywords relating to the different services, products or locations of a business

These sites are search engine optimised to rank as high as possible on search engines to maximize traffic and increase conversion rates, leading to more sales and greater revenues at minimal cost… therefore achieving higher profits.

Microsite designs can either conform to the established brand or can carve out a uniquely tailored appearance specific to the products or services being promoted. Microsite development is a powerful strategy for driving more sales, improving marketing ROI, brand promotion, increased exposure or for launching a new campaign. With online fast becoming the vastly dominant marketing medium, many organizations use microsites as an essential strategy for growth and promotion.

Benefits of Microsites/Minisites include…

  • Boost SEO both on-site and off-site
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase exposure and brand awareness
  • Memorable, keyword rich domain names
  • Cheaper, easier link building and lower PPC Costs
  • Great Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Ultimate local targeting
  • Specific niche targeting
  • Better user experience
  • Increase leads/sales via more specific call-to-action
  • Inbound marketing – let traffic come to you
  • Allows niche branding
  • Product launches
  • Social media
  • Fast to setup for quick results
  • Automate everything, but control everything!
  • Total flexibility

… and much, much more!

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