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IT'S SIMPLE - you have just FOUR basic decisions to make!

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    Decision 1: DESIGN - choose a "theme" for your site's design

  • I recommend the Genesis theme - see demos here
  • A huge selection of other WordPress design themes are available from Theme Forest.
  • Which theme(s) are you interested in?

As standard, your site includes:

these all feature in your main navigation menu
- Home page
- About page
- Contact page - including standard web enquiry form plus any contact details you wish to include.

It is recommended your site also includes:

standard versions are provided and these are advised by Google as best practice for any website. All three appear as small text links at the bottom of the page, in your footer

Decision 2: PAGES - which of these pages would you also like to include in your site...

If you know which pages would you like to feature in your main navigation menu, tick them here...

For user friendliness, your main navigation menu should be limited to just 5-8 items. Other pages are best as sub-pages which drop down upon rollover under their parent page, such as About. See demo sites. Add any further notes in final text box below.

Other - what other pages/sections would you like?
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Tick the features or functionality you wish to include on your website
Content Management System included as standard

Other - what other features and functionality would you like?

For any website, it is strongly recommended you include Google Analytics so you can measure and track all activity on your site.

Decision 4: SEO - how important is SEO to you?

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